Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yard Work


Today a little garden housekeeping took place since the clocks have adjusted for longer daylight.

After a nice walk in the park, the relics of spring were gathered and put in the green waste – camellia petals, spent broccoli plants, and purple cabbages.  The cabbage, Purple of Sicily, was disappointing in flavor and texture but it grew really well.  The taste was bitter and the texture was less than tender.  The broccoli - Calabrese, Nutribud, & Waltham29 - produced well.  The taste was good and the texture was tender.  Aphids were never a problem.  The cabbage patch is being prepared for summer corn (Golden Bantam).

Since a truck load of Kellogg’s Harvest Supreme wasn’t delivered, I had to visit my local nursery and stock up again.  Before the seeds go in the soil needs to be amended.  I hope to have the 1st round of corn planted before March 17.  To round out the “Three Sisters” (corn, beans, squash), Boroltto Solista Beans and Lemon Squash will be planted with hopes of super production in this the year of Corn.

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Mrs. Mac said...

we're still waiting to see our first sign of green anything .. snow still covers most of my veggie garden.