Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pea Patch

Tall Telephone Peas were planted on September 18, 2010.  I’ve been harvesting them for sometime now; but only recently have any made it to the kitchen.  Peas make great lunchtime snacks!  The green pearls are sweet and grassy tasting – delicious.  Sadly, I do not track how much of each crop is harvested.  That’s simply too much record keeping for me.  I can’t even keep a garden journal.  There are notes in my Sunset gardening book though.  Blogging helps me organize things a bit better than trusting my memory.


This variety of peas must be the type that old Jack planted.  The package describes the vines as reaching up to 9’ tall.  I suspect that is fairly accurate since the supports are over 6’ and the vines started running horizontally rather than up into the clouds and goose with the golden eggs.  I know.  Jack grew beans.  Artistic license in play here.


The supports will stay in place to string up the tomatoes after they have hardened off.  The timing should work out pretty good.  I really thought the peas would have been finished by now.  They really had a very slow growing season and didn’t do much until the weather warmed up a bit.

DSC_2565_6149 The rest of my Tall Telephone seeds were traded with a gardening friend that is growing an abundance of sweet potatoes.  He will supply me with some of his bounty at harvest time.  That frees up a bit more garden space for something else this summer.  Perhaps I’ll plant some bell peppers.  I’ve traded seeds to distant gardeners and shared an over abundance with others, now the two types of trading have been combined.

Does anyone else make trades with fellow gardeners?


Lisa Paul said...

Lucky you. My peas were a disappointment, being felled by our unusual frost and cold spell this year. What we had were wonderful and sweet before they were killed.

There's always next year.

Kaytee said...

Those peas are super tall! I have a variety that grows shorter (the package actually says they don't need supported, but that's a total lie). They look yummy!

Christine said...

Thanks for the update on the peas Maybelline! They look gorgeous. I hope my harvest is as successful.