Friday, March 25, 2011

Citrus Blossom Time

Longer days, warmer days, and good fertilization along with sweet rain on well drained soil all combined to help create a bounty of citrus blossoms.  The scent will fill the garden along with the wisteria in the coming days.  Most of the blossoms will drop from these dwarf varieties because they are so young; but I’ll enjoy the blossoms for now.

Locally, one of the last citrus tasting events will be held tomorrow at White Forest Nursery.  It’s pretty nice way to sample a variety of citrus to help determine what works best.  A representative from Four Winds Growers is there to provide samples to taste, growing advice, and stock to buy.  It’s a pretty great deal to help get started in growing citrus.

DSC_2636_6219 Variegated Pink Lemon


DSC_2637_6220 Satsuma Mandarin


DSC_2639_6222 Robertson Orange


DSC_2640_6223 Rio Red Grapefruit


Greg Damitz said...

I wish we could get some warmer weather up here. I hate all the rain.


Melissa Price said...

Mmm... I bet it smells amazing. Thinking about it makes me crave some orange blossom honey. You're lucky to have all those varieties! Ever thought about beekeeping?

Glennis said...

The scent is amazing, isn't it?