Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hometown Seed Give Away!

DSC_2531_6065Blenheim Apricot

The Blenheim Apricot broke out into full springtime mode on February 27, Sunday, late in the afternoon after it had its 3rd application of dormant spray (no copper this time, only pyrethrum).  Today, after a couple days of light rain followed by some warm sunshine, the tree is busting with blossoms.  Spring is in full swing with bees buzzing and twitterpated birds all over the neighborhood from owls and hawks to hummingbirds. 

DSC_2539_6073 Santa Rosa Plum

In honor of the arrival of spring, or at least thoughts of spring, I have some seeds to share.  Hometown Seeds is providing a kitchen herb value pack worth $16.99.  Dang!  Herbs are some of the easiest seeds to start so these are an excellent choice for beginning gardeners.  If you’re a seasoned gardener, you might be interested in these herbs as companion plants in your summer garden.  And if you’re anywhere in between you might want to give it a shot and let me know what you think of the seeds.  It’s always nice to learn of a good seed source.  I would be interested to know what you think about Hometown Seeds.  The California Poppy seeds would be great to plant behind my garden wall.  25 pounds would make a splash!  If I could only be certain that the County maintenance workers would leave them alone, I would consider dumping a large amount of seeds there in the fall.

Here’s what’s in the value pack:

  • Basil – Purple Ruffles
  • Basil – Sweet Dani
  • Chives
  • Cilantro – Slow Bolt
  • Dill – Mammoth Long Island
  • Oregano – Italian
  • Parsley – Italian Flat-Leaf
  • Rosemary
  • Sage – Broad Leaf
  • Thyme

All you have to do is leave a comment.  Please make sure to use a name.  “Anonymous” simply doesn’t cut it; so make sure to at least click the Name/URL button on the comment page and give yourself a name.  I’ll pick a winner 9pm Pacific Time, Sunday night, March 6.


Anonymous said...

I would love some herb seeds! All of us love, chickens and rabbit!

Lona said...

Hi Maybelline. I just love your spring blooms. I want spring to come so badly. I do not grow herbs but it will be a great giveaway for those who do. Enjoy your blooms.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maybelline, Thanks for your recent comment on my stone bulb markers! :) You have a lovely blog...I'm glad I could stop by. And is that doggie on your header a Great Pyrenees by any chance? We had a GP when I was a child - beautiful dogs.

Maureen said...

Love the photos (as usual)....can't help but feel spring coming on after looking at these!

ps. pick me pick me:)

Glennis said...

Love your apricot blossoms. Mine is still not in bloom, but my red plum is quite lovely.

And the cheap de Caen anemone corms that I bought at the dollar store are up and blooming beautifully!!!

Bed of Spices said...

Hi Maybelline - I'm so glad you stopped by my blog, Now I've come over to your garden and it's beautiful! Thank you!

Valery said...

HI love your blog!!


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Very pretty! I looked at your Hometown Seeds link and they have good prices and a nice selection. I liked the survival seed collection which would also be a good collection for someone planting their first garden.

Unknown said...

Your pictures are just beautiful!!! I wish I was as good as you at capturing flowers!

Donna said...

Your spring blooms are gorgeous! And what a nice giveaway ~

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures! I can't wait for Spring to come! The flowering season for Spring is too short!

Jennie said...

Yay for fun seeds! I always like your blog - this time of year (and all winter) I'm really envious at what you've got growing. Things are a lot colder up here in Idaho. :)


Thanks for commenting. Donna is the big winner. Her seed booty is in the mail. I sent them from the Oildale post office with hopes the package will have a Buck Owens cancellation.

The dog on my header is, in fact, a Great Pyrenees - one of the very best breeds of dogs ever.

kira said...

ahh,your dog is so beautiful !