Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fig Tree


What do you know?!  The volunteer fig tree has figs!  I never expected a thing out of this tree that was, not doubt, transported to my garden from my neighbor’s by way of a bird.  It’s growing in a good sized terra cotta pot.  I had thought about pruning it to match the rest of espalier orchard; instead I think I’ll just try to keep the growth under control with pruning.  It’s still young enough for me to change my mind.

It seems the world’s supply of figs are grown in the Mediterranean.   If this tree grows as easily and carefree as it has so far, I may be able to place a dot on the map representing Bakersfield, California.




Courtesy  Wikipedia.

If fruit production doesn’t boom, perhaps Farmer MacGregor and I could go into the clothing trade if times get tougher.  Various sizes available.  Color choices are limited.

imageCourtesy  Musee de l'Arles Antique, Arles, France.


Lo said...

ah, fig trees...! I love 'em.

When I was young and wild I had my art studio in West Hollywood and in the backyard was a prodigious fig tree which bore the most delectable fruit. The boughs were so heavy you could reach the figs without a tender and sweet and the juice would run down your chin. Only trouble was we could not keep up with its production no matter how much we gobbled and the ground was always a mess between what we couldn't pick and what the birds and squirrels dropped.

Good luck with yours.

Jean Campbell said...

Figs abound in South Georgia, USA. Wonder why we're not on the map?