Monday, March 21, 2011

No Vine Before Its Time

After the wind whipped through here this weekend, I wasn’t sure much of the vines would remain.  They were really flouncing around for quite a while.  The grapevine  didn’t really budge.  The peas formed a moving green wall.  The birds couldn’t hang on up in the wisteria.  I was afraid the abundance of buds would be heading towards Madera.

DSC_2597_6181 It seems the wisteria is undamaged and about ready to pop.  Their perfume is just in time to replace the fading lilacs.


DSC_2599_6183The grapevine came through the storm without a scar.  But, I don’t know what a scar looks like on a grapevine. 

Better luck next time Madera.


Aunt Snow said...

Nothing phases the wisteria!

Donna said...

The wisteria is starting to bloom here, love it!