Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The vegetable garden consists of four raised beds.  Cinder blocks form the beds.  The holes in the blocks allow me room to plant things like herbs, strawberries, sweet peas, and sunflowers.  Last fall the freesia bulbs were lifted to be transplanted all over other parts of the garden and allowing room for the strawberries to spread.  A few freesia stubbornly remain.  These will find a new home in the fall.  Until then, I’ll enjoy the show.

DSC_2567_6111Opening as predicted, the butter yellow variety are soft and creamy.  They remind me of meringue.  Inspecting the garden before lunch may be the reason for all the food references.

DSC_2566_6110 The burnt orange variety opened too.  Just as I feared…It looks like it’s a man/bug eating variety just like the Little Shop of Horrors.

The lilac buds haven’t broken yet.  They continue to fatten up.  It should be any time now.


Glennis said...

Do you notice a difference in the strength of the scent depending on the color of the bloom?

I love freesias, but some are quite fragrant and others are - nothing.


no scent whatsoever...dud