Sunday, February 6, 2011

Great Scot(t) in the Garden

DSC_2437_5848How do we get involved with gardening?  Necessity?  Not so much.  It typically starts our as a hobby that sometimes gets out of control.  Some of us have family that were successes in the garden and passed the green thumb along.  My father had a green thumb and so did my grandfather (on my mother’s side).  Those skills were necessities.  My grandpa was raised on a farm in the Scottish countryside but ended up in Edinburgh and a garden on Moat Drive.Scotts1932I wonder if he would enjoy gardening in Bakersfield, California where the hell like conditions are a far cry from those he conquered in the frigid north.  Would the arid environment just be another challenge like that he faced during World War I in Turkey?

Scotts1961 Even if he did adjust, there’s something that I simply can’t imagine him doing.  Dressing like a schlump as most of us do now.  Just can’t imagine it.


Sue said...

They certainly did dress well to garden "back in the day". My grandmother would be appalled at some of my get-ups!

L said...

Do we know what the horse's name was?


The cavalry issued horse has no name.

*Start America song - Horse with No Name.*

Lisa Paul said...

My English father-in-law has a special tweed jacket and tie that he wears to do his gardening. The British Islanders just seem to have much more gardening style.