Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tree Feedin’ Time

 DSC_2550_6030 Today was a perfect day to fertilize the trees.  To be clear, cool and overcast is perfect weather for this gardener.  The trees don’t give a hang.  The recent storm was breaking up so conditions to work in the garden were great.  All the trees were given their 1st feeding of the year.  This will be repeated every three month (approximately – if I remember) during the growing season. 

DSC_2477_5937 The boysenberries were fertilized with the same fertilizer.  The recommended schedule for the berries is every two months.  The canes were purchased last February as bare root stock and produced one berry.  This season is off to a great start with several buds on the year old canes.


Gardner & Bloome is the organic line from Kellogg.  If this is junk, let me know; but it’s what I’m using for the time being.

Along with the boysenberries here’s the list of trees fertilized with Gardener & Bloome today:

Blenheim Apricot

Fantasia Nectarine

Granny Smith Apple

O’Henry Peach

Pink Variegated Lemon

Rio Red Grapefruit

Robertson Navel Orange

Santa Rosa Plum

Satsuma Mandarin Orange

Warren Pear

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