Saturday, February 19, 2011

This Bud’s For You

With the moist winter we’ve been experiencing and the warmer, longer days, the buds in the garden are bursting or on the verge.  Today there was light rain in the San Joaquin Valley and a dusting of snow in Tehachapi.  It was a nice surprise to top off an afternoon drive up the hill.  Before the drive, we went to the citrus tasting at White Forest Nursery.  The only thing I bought was a couple packets of Teddy Bear Sunflower seeds. 

Here is the promise of spring:


DSC_2522_5997 Strawberry

DSC_2523_5996 Dandelion

DSC_2524_5995 Lilac (lobelia in background)

DSC_2525_5994 Chrysanthemum

DSC_2527_5992 Santa Rosa Plum

DSC_2528_5991O’Henry Peach

DSC_2529_5990 Granny Smith Apple

DSC_2530_5989 Warren Pear

DSC_2531_5988Fantasia Nectarine

 DSC_2533_5986 Blenheim Apricot

DSC_2534_5999 Lantana – Purple

DSC_2535_6000 Oxalis

DSC_2536_6001Lantana – Yellow

DSC_2538_6003  Begonia

DSC_2539_6004Azalea - George L. Taber

DSC_2548_6028 Lemon – Variegated Pink

1 comment:

Sue said...

Such beautiful pictures. And after the hellish winter we have had, even a dandelion is a welcome sight!