Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Don’t Give A Fig

DSC_2413_5824Spring is starting to show in the garden.  The fig tree is lighting the way with its buds being the fattest of all the trees.  Looks like a candle doesn’t it?  All the other fruit trees have buds swelling as we move through the calendar toward mid February when more blossoms should pop.  The days are becoming longer and the chance of frost is decreasing.  In fact, the last day of frost in Bakersfield, California is somewhere around March 3.  Victory Seeds has a nifty list of cities and average frost dates.  That gives Farmer MacGregor time to dormant spray at least one more time…two if it doesn’t heat up so fast.

DSC_2416_5827Until then, I’m enjoying “sweater weather” as long as I can.


PS…The fig tree is a volunteer that I don’t have the heart to dispose of.  It probably came compliments of a bird visiting my neighbor’s tree.  I have no idea what variety it is and would like to see if I can get any fruit from it.  It’s in a pot with ivy.  I considered pruning it espalier but think I’ll just let it grow with light pruning.


Far Side of Fifty said...

It is a pretty looking bud..I hope you get some fruit! :)

Lo said...

I had a fig tree in the garden at one time......the figs were delicious and plentiful. Just be warned that the birds and squirrels love them too, but only eat part of the fig throwing the rest to the ground......somewhat messy but worth it.

Melissa Price said...

I LOVE figs! My littles eat them straight from the tree in the summer. They love helping me collect them and we all enjoy fig preserves. The best part? They're pretty low maintenance, if you can keep the birds at bay. No insect pests really. Although if left to over-ripen, they do attract ants.

Anonymous said...

What a nice volunteer! We have a huge fig bush that I haven't trimmed back yet this winter - need to do that NOW. And planted another fig last winter. Hoping for a ton of figs. On the existing bush we haven't had bird problems. I am thankful for that, but then again it hasn't produced a lot. Hope you have great success with yours. Emily