Sunday, February 13, 2011

Prize Winner

 imageRecently, I was looking through a case of old photos my mother has kept in a tiny case her father once used for his luggage when he would go away for a week.  Honestly, the case isn’t big enough for me to carry my toiletries for an over night stay.  In this treasure chest, one of his gardening awards was neatly placed amongst the photos.  What a find.  He took 2nd place at the 10th Annual Open Flower and Vegetable Show at Haymarket (west side of Edinburgh, Scotland) in 1953.  Score! 

It seems dirt under the fingernails goes back a few generations.  Perhaps I should consider an entry in the Kern County Fair this fall just to keep the awards rolling.


To help assure me of a win, I have requested Farmer MacGregor to dress in the same manner as my grandpa.  This technique may not have anything to do with successful gardening; but the gent certainly looks pretty dashing in his Spencer Tracy specs.

Note:  At the request of Farmer MacGregor, his image has been removed and replaced with this:



Unknown said...

What a treasure!

L said...

Did you replace the photo?