Saturday, February 26, 2011

You Ain’t Nothing But Trash


The camellias have bloomed beautifully this winter.  They were planted in October 2009; so in just a little over a year these young Mrs. Tingley’s (Camellia Japonica) have exploded.  As the blooms faded, they get a bit yellow, then orange, then brown.  Some drop to the ground while others hang on till the bitter end.  I asked someone that enters camellia shows (just like her award winning grandfather did) if I should remove the fading buds and rake the fallen blooms away.  She recommended to keep the camellia beds clean of any litter to prevent any blight or the spread of blight.

Since the snow level is almost kissing the valley floor, this afternoon was the perfect time to get out and rake without even the thought of sweating.  Crap.  It was pretty stinking cold.  The cold temperature encouraged me to finish the task of cleaning the camellia bed faster than I normally would.  The pink petals matched the color of my nose and cheeks (both sets). 

It’s some of the prettiest yard trash I’ve ever collected.  Now turning yard trash into compost is my next gardening effort.  Better to keep my yard waste in my garden than to donate it to the local green waste facility AND pay to have it hauled away.

Costco (Yes – I’m a member.  Some think this is only for the privileged.  Don’t ask.) now has all of its gardening related stuff in stock.  One item I’m considering is a tumbler composter.  I would prefer a portable type but really haven’t found a suitable composter.  The Lifetime Composter they are selling is $98.99 with an 80 gallon capacity.  All the reviews mark this as a great buy.  I’ll give up portability for a sturdy good buy unless someone screams in with a negative review in the meantime.image


Murr Brewster said...

Don't ask me. I pile up a mound until it falls over and then I try to move it a couple yards to the right, and back again. I do this all year long. I should really start using some of it, or plant one squash in the center and feed the world.

Melissa Price said...

That looks like a dandy composter to me, Maybelline. Thanks for sharing. (I'm a member, too!) I may have to get one of those for myself.

Glennis said...

That's the most gorgeous trash I've ever seen.

I've grown lazy here in CA - my compost in WA state was to die for, but here, not so much.

Unknown said...

My next door neighbor just bought this same composter, it sure looks easy to use and convenient.

DJK said...

I have one. Like it a lot.