Monday, February 14, 2011

It’s Good for the Roses

The spring weather has the weeds/wildflowers sprouting.  It’s warm enough to go out and enjoy a walk and meet new friends while enjoying their gardens.  The days are getting long enough that there is no rush to hurry before the sun sets.  It stays light until about 6pm now.  Plenty of time to take a walk, start dinner, and do a little gardening before it gets dark.


Horse manure is supposed to be great for the garden.  Steer manure can have salts and seeds – but I’m no expert.  My experience has me favoring bunny poop.  That stuff is potent.

DSC_2486_5897A local rancher is looking to put his bounty of manure from grass fed cattle to work not only in his own garden but marketing the stuff for “tea”.  I hope he does and has much success.  Perhaps he would like me to test his product for a review.  I would be delighted. 

In the meantime, I need to bargain with that stead for its leavings.  It is good for the roses.  Please watch the Quiet Man to understand the reference to the roses.



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Kathy Felsted Usher said...

We live down the road from a farm that breeds champion horses. Everything they do caters to the health of these horses so I know they are fed very well. They told us to come by for all the manure we could take. The tomatoes and peppers thrived in it but it was a little too hot for some of the other crops. We don't have much soil on our ridge top so we did go very heavy with it. I later found out that you should let it sit a full 1-2 years for best results. It's much hotter than cow manure. This year it should be perfect.